Investment Packages

Our investment plans are designed especially to give you daily profits 7 days a week. You will enjoy continuous profits. Our goal is to provide you the maximum rewards with minimum risk possible.


For newbie investors
8 % For 1 months
  • Total Profit : 148%
  • Minimum : 10 USD
  • Maximum : 5,000 USD


For startup investors
10 % For 1 months
  • Total Profit : 160%
  • Minimum : 5,001 USD
  • Maximum : 10,000 USD


For regular investors
15 % For 1 months
    • Total Profit : 190%
    • Minimum : 10,001 USD
    • Maximum : 50,000 USD


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Lenjon Featured

Lenjon Limited strives to be worthy of our client’s trust by providing them with services which are economically beneficial to them and to create awareness regarding reliable and highly profitable investment platform among our clients around the globe. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy how your profit grows on a daily basis.

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Fund Security

Lenjon Affiliate Program

Lenjon affiliate program is a great opportunity for our investors to earn superb referral & representative commissions. You do not need to have an active investment in order to participate in the referral program.

Standard Referral Program

Take part in the standard referral program to enjoy great referral commissions.

Take part in the standard referral program to enjoy great referral commissions. For direct referrals you will get 7% interest on the amount deposited by the referral. For second level referral you will get 2% and for third level referral you will get 1% referral commission.Also level 4 will get 0.5%, level 5 will get 0.4%, level 6 will get 0.3%, level 7 will get 0.2%, level 8 will get 0.1%.

Representative Program

Take part in the representative program to enjoy great representative commissions.

Join the representative program to receive a monthly passive amount of 2% on Lenjon's 8-level system. The condition is that the total deposit of your direct referrals is over $ 25,000

Our Statistics

Check out our statistics & figures to understand facts about our investment program.


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Insurance Fund

Our Partner

Warta SA has existed in the Polish market since 1920. The purpose of the fund is to ensure the long-term and stable growth of asset value while maintaining their true value by reducing risks in when optimizing return on investment. The main areas are personal property insurance and investment fund insurance.

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